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What Is 40+ Divas & Silver Gents?

40 Plus Divas & Silver Gents is a Runway Show and Shopping Event that caters to participants ages forty and above. Our first event was held in Las Vegas, at the Westgate Hotel and Casino, near the Las Vegas Strip. This event was highlighted by a VIP Red Carpet and Cocktail Reception, followed by a Runway Fashion Show, Vendor Showcase, and VIP After Party.


We recently held our second show in Los Angeles, and we are excited to return to Las Vegas this December at the Four Seasons Hotel. Our goal is to showcase participants that are traditionally excluded from runway shows. Fashion doesn’t stop at size four and age forty! 40 Plus Divas & Silver Gents showcases people of all sizes, shapes, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. 


40 Plus Divas & Silver Gents is not only a high-end evening of style, but Designers, Vendors, and Retailers will be able to showcase their products and services before, during, and after the event. We are committed to bringing fashion events to communities throughout the US and Internationally, and present Independent Fashion Designers, Boutiques, and Retailers.


We are currently seeking participants ages forty and above to be a part of our upcoming show. You do not have to live in Vegas to be a model in this event.If you are interested in being a part of this event, go to the contact page and submit your information. Model inquiries can be submitted online to

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